Ice berg Model

In Auto Cool Ice berg Model machines Possible to activate and control all of the machine functions from the front panel, Simply press a button to start the pasteurization cycle which automatically keeps the system. Auto Cool these machines for high volume requirements by gravity fed. It provides high production for individual flavors of ice cream and combination twist.

1. The electronic touch pad control dictates the consistency / softness of the ice cream.
2. Two flavors and combo twist.
3. Gravity feed system offers simple operation and smoother and creamier product.
4. Stand by energy conservation mode permits economical operation during ideal periods.
5. Cylinder design optimizes refrigeration efficiency.
6. Attractive and corrosion free outer panel for enhance durability.
4. Cylinder design optimizes refrigeration efficiency.
Out put Capacity 6 - 8 Cones or Cups /Min
Mix Tank Capacity 8 + 8 Liters.
Beater Construction Food Grade Delrin
Beater Drive Motor 1 H.P 1.P
Compressor Motor 1.2 H.P 1 P
Refrigerant Type R 404A
Outer Panel Stainless Steel
Single Phase 50 Hz 230 Volt
Running Amps (only at the time of output) 8 AMPS
Fuse/Breaker Size 16 AMPS